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About Us

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018, the University of Northern Iowa officially acquired ownership of University Book and Supply and reopened it as the UNI Bookstore. The UNI Bookstore operates as a not-for-profit entity of the university, allowing them to maintain reasonable educational costs for students. Most of the store's staff, including the part-time student employees, were retained.

For the past 80 years, University Book & Supply (UBS) had served and supported the University of Northern Iowa and the surrounding community from its convenient location on West 23rd Street. The store has long fulfilled the unofficial role of a one-stop shop for students, alumni and friends, with an inventory ranging from textbooks and course materials to licensed university apparel.

The change in ownership allows the bookstore to continue in that one-stop shop role, while becoming more tightly integrated with the university. That enables store employees to work closely with faculty members and coordinate with the orientation staff to better serve new students. In terms of convenience, students can charge the cost of their textbooks and other materials to their U-bill and use their financial aid to cover it. Licensed logo wear features an emphasis on providing quality merchandise at a variety of price points.