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Develop your own Custom Course Packets with UNI Bookstore!

The UNI Bookstore offers custom, in-house publishing to help faculty and staff present original work, lab manuals, various readings, case studies, supplementary educational materials, out-of-print-books, and much more.

How to order:

  1. Develop a hard copy or PDF of the course material you wish to reproduce.  Fill out the course packet order form. Please be specific regarding any special printing instructions.
  2. If you have included copyrighted materials, provide a readings list or bibliography with your order. Provide this information to the UNI Bookstore team as soon as possible in order to submit for copyright permissions for these items.
  3. Submit course packet order to the UNI Bookstore:
    Lisa Jaeger
    (319) 273-4959


    share your PDF with lisa.jaeger@uni.edu on your Google Drive.

Interested in developing a digital course packet or custom eBook?

The UNI Bookstore also offers the same services listed above to create a digital course packet or a custom eBook.  If you're interested in going digital, just let us know!

Copyright Information for Print and Digital Materials

You will want to be sure that you are compliant with copyright law for both print and digital materials for your course.  Check out this link for details relating to Copyright in Education: