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What we do with your adoption request

Once received we put a lot of effort ensuring that we're ordering and publicizing the right materials for your course.

  • We check each adoption to see if we can obtain enough copies of each title.

  • We check to see if the text is an old edition or out of print and contact you to see what changes you'd like to make, if there are any.

  • Once everything is entered into the system correctly, we begin the process of sourcing as many used titles as possible - this helps drive costs down for students.

  • Once we've exhausted the used supplies we begin ordering new books from the various publishers.

  • Most orders arive 10-14 days after the order is placed. We unpack, recieve, price, and shelve the course materials for our students to buy.

  • By allowing as much time as possible for this whole process we do our best to eliminate as many problems as we can and make sure UNI students are able be ready for their first day of class with all required materials at the lowest price possible.



ISBN Numbers for Non-Text Course Materials:

*Please enter the ISBN exactly as it appears below, the title can read however you'd like

10401644    Course Packet in Curris, Room 321A
10858387Purchase Book at Class
11166382Materials Available at Class
11211297Course Packet Available at Class
193493139XStudent Response Clicker RFC-01, 02
1934931403Student Response Clicker RFC-03/LCD

ISBN Assistance

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the number that uniquely identifies each book.  It is made up of either 10 or 13 digits, either of which is acceptable for the SIS. 

The ISBN entered should be for the student edition.  Instructor edition ISBNs should not be used.  If questioning what ISBN to use, please contact us at textbooks@uni.edu or call 319-273-2665

When entering information in the ISBN field, only include numbers and dashes.  (Dashes are not required if you would like to leave them out.) 

            i.e.       0-324-59770-3

Do not include any extra information in this field or use different characters.

          DO NOT               ISBN 10  0-324-59770-3
0 324 59770 3 

Special Instructions

  1. Do not duplicate information already entered in the materials field.

  2. Instructions for the bookstore should be emailed to textbooks@uni.edu or call (319) 273-2665.

  3. Only information that students need to see that is NOT covered in the materials fields should be entered into the special instructions field.

  4. For course packets, use the numbers above for the ISBN number if one of them apply.  If you have a course packet or other course material that none of these apply for, please contact us at textbooks@uni.edu or call (319) 273-2665 to get a valid number.  If you have pricing information, enter it into the price field for that material.  If you do not have an exact price but do have an approximate you can enter that in the special instructions.

  5. The space that shows up for students looking at this information at the bookstore is limited (approximately 60 characters).  If this is information that you want students to get when they come to buy books please do your best to shrink your message to fit that limit.

Course Material Notes

The bookstore does not receive the book notes from the SIS system.  If you use the book notes for any information that is pertinent to course materials or that you want communicated to students, please forward that information to us at textbooks@uni.edu or call (319) 273-2665.

If a book is optional or a substitute book, please put the word optional in the Course Material Notes for that book.

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