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Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access converts physical course materials into instantly accessible, totally interactive and adaptive digital content, while reducing the cost to students.

Main Goals:

  • Reducing the cost of course materials.
  • Improving educational outcomes for students/greater success in the course.
  • Day one access to the course materials.

The Process Is Simple:

  • Students are able to access the content through their Blackboard course by the first day of class.
  • Students enjoy free access to the content until the Opt-Out deadline (Friday of 2nd week for Fall & Spring) (Winter and Summer sessions vary due to length of the session).
  • After the Opt-Out deadline, in order to retain access, students do nothing; a bookstore charge is conveniently billed to the student’s U-Bill account.
  • If students choose to opt out, they can do so easily via the opt out option online on Blackboard for the course or by emailing support@willolabs.com. If the student opts out or drops the course by the deadline; access is turned off and no charge is assessed.
Why It Works

The Inclusive Access model is much less expensive than other options; because of the increased buy-in from students with an Inclusive Access course adoption, publishers are willing to negotiate much lower prices. It also gives students convenient day-one access to digital course content, and can also allow them to experience more interactive and adaptive digital content which has been shown to improve educational outcomes. In addition, it gives faculty members the freedom to more easily tailor their course materials while maintaining full academic freedom to choose the texts they want for their course.

How We’re Helping to Change Things

Many colleges and universities around the country are now looking to Inclusive Access programs as a means to address the textbook affordability issue and improve educational outcomes among students. In partnership with Faculty, the UNI Bookstore and publishers, this new model allows students to leverage their numbers to reduce the cost of required course materials for all students in a course.  Students in Inclusive Access courses have the right materials, on the first day of class, at no charge.  After the Opt-Out deadline for the course, enrolled students who have not opted out are billed to their U-Bill account for the course materials at a cost below competitive market rates.   A price that is accessible to each and every enrolled student and not just a great deal on a few copies here or there.  

Looking For More Information

Please take a look through the frequently asked questions below for more information. If you cannot find the info you are looking for, please email us at textbooks@uni.edu or call (319) 273-2665.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Inclusive Access program is a new textbook model in collaboration with Faculty, the UNI Bookstore and top publishers. All students in a class buy into the content, lowering the cost for everyone. All students in that class also get digital access to the content on the first day, and won’t be billed for it until after the Opt-Out deadline (2 weeks after the start of class). The digital content can also include Interactive Learning Platforms.

The price varies depending upon the course materials chosen by the instructor, but most Inclusive Access prices are lower than the cost to access the material direct through the publisher or comparable options widely available in the marketplace. Access cost information by viewing your course’s material page on the UNI Bookstore's website.

If your instructor is using Inclusive Access, you are already enrolled. You should have access on Blackboard on the first day of class.

The access is free during the "Opt-Out" period (2 weeks after the start of class for Fall and Spring) for the course. After that deadline, all enrolled students who have not opted out of the program or dropped the course will have the discounted price billed to their U-Bill account.

If you do not wish to participate in Inclusive Access, you must opt out of the program online before the Opt-Out deadline. If you opt out by the deadline given, access to the online content will be turned off and you will not be billed. Access the opt out option from Blackboard. Students are responsible for paying the necessary access on their own, if they opt out!

Yes. All students who are enrolled in a course using Inclusive Access are automatically part of the program. To avoid being billed you must opt out online before the Opt-Out deadline or email support@willolabs.com

Students who drop the course before the Opt-Out deadline will automatically be “opted out” and will not be billed. Students who drop after the Opt-Out deadline should contact the UNI Bookstore within 7 days any potential refund in store or at textbooks@uni.edu

Please stop by the store or email the Textbook Department at textbooks@uni.edu for information on requesting a refund.

All enrolled and wait-listed students have access to the content on day one of class. If you are dropped from the wait-list without getting in before Friday of 2nd week, you will automatically be opted out.

No problem! Send us an email at textbooks@uni.edu and let us know your name, course information and that you want to rescind your opt out. We’ll take care of the rest.

First, try the software company that controls UNI's inclusive access at support@willolabs.com. If you are unable to get a resolution from them, please email the Textbook Department at textbooks@uni.edu or call (319) 273-2665 for further assistance.

If your question wasn’t answered in this FAQ, please email textbooks@uni.edu or call (319) 273-2665 for more information.